Amrita & Ashok were invited to participate in CGI America

Amrita & Ashok were invited to participate in CGI America, an event in Chicago focused on the economic recovery in the US. With active participation from some of the most dynamic public and private sector leaders, CGI America focused on preserving existing employment and securing the future of American workers. It also showcased green technologies in construction, energy and vehicles.

Amrita & Ashok participated actively in the Manufacturing Working Group, an eclectic gathering of about 60 men and women from diverse backgrounds. Ashok moderated and reported on discussions at one of two Advanced Manufacturing tables. Our team earned recognition for its targeted recommendations. At the conclusion of CGI America, the extended Manufacturing Working adopted our vision statement:

Ten years from now, American Manufacturing must be driven by innovative technology merged with skilled worker participation to ensure cost-effective, globally competitive performance across all industries.

CGI America concluded with practical ideas and real action commitments from participants to move these vision statements along the path of timely implementation.