Ekta is a word from Hindi, India’s second most widely spoken language.

Depending on the context it can mean Unity, Solidarity or a purposeful Oneness. When we chose Ekta as the name of our foundation we envisioned a melding of humanity in pursuit of the common good.

Our Foundation’s unifying principle is the enhancement of human dignity through education and lifelong learning, for lasting social impact.

It was a while before we realized that our foundation’s name harmonized so well with the motto of our adopted country, the United States – E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many, One.

We started this journey in 2008 with the simple purpose of giving back. We were inspired by the examples of so many who, like us, had achieved material prosperity and come to the realization that their success empowered them to make a lasting and meaningful impact on the world.

We’ve strived to be realistic with our goals and developed lasting partnerships with organizations and people who get things done. We’ve learned to use business-like thinking and simple accountability metrics to keep us on track.

In the decade that has gone by since we started our journey with Ekta, much has been accomplished in the world of targeted philanthropy.

Much remains to be done by those, like us, to whom much has been given and we pledge to do our part in the years ahead.

Our quest for beneficial change in the world continues ...

Educational Innovation

Entrepreneurial Innovation

Environmental Innovation

The Network Within: Active Consciousness

Success empowers you
to help people find the best within themselves
and set a course to change the world.

- Amrita & Ashok Mahbubani

EKTA Milestones

In Partnership with The Streisand Foundation

A commitment to Women's Heart Health with evidence-based, gender-specific preventive care.

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Haiti Action Network

Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, shares an island with the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.

From 1984 to 1988 Amrita’s father ran a family-owned assembly plant in Port-au-Prince, producing mechanical Car Radio Tuners for the Electronics Division of Ford Motor Company. At it’s peak, the plant employed 300 Haitians and the family benefited greatly from these offshore operations.

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Amrita & Ashok at a CGI Plenary Session in New York

Joined President Clinton on stage to share their experience of working with the Clinton Global Initiative and other partners in Haiti.

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