EKTA origin India; Hindi noun (pronounced ayk-tha): unity; solidarity; a melding of people in pursuit of a common cause; a purposeful oneness

After two decades of running a successful small business in the US, Amrita & Ashok Mahbubani set up their family Foundation in 2007 with the simple purpose of giving back. To ensure that EKTA’s grants make measurable, sustainable impact on real challenges facing humanity in troubled areas, the Mahbubanis chose the Clinton Global Initiative as their portal into the world of strategically targeted philanthropy.

Through CGI, EKTA was able to find like-minded partner organizations working on Water & Sanitation, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Education. The unifying objective of the Foundation's commitments and investments in these areas is enhancing human dignity, and building human capital, through knowledge & learning, with the long-term goal of communal & personal development. A new area of interest is Sustainable Agriculture as a means of livelihood for people in impoverished circumstances.

The birth of EKTA in the US is a dimension of the American dream linked, at many levels, to the birth of its founders in India. In their path to the present, the Mahbubanis developed a bond with Haiti, through a family-owned manufacturing business that employed 300 people there in the '80s. In this, the poorest country in our hemisphere, we see global citizens answer their highest calling by helping people of irrepressible spirit to rebuild their country and find their renewed place in the world.